Workplace Benefits is an employee benefits insurance firm, originating in 2000.
Our firm sells all forms of insurance including group health and life benefits, dental, and commercial business.
       We specialize in supporting employers with innovative strategies and services designed to improve benefit plans and workforce performance.  Workplace Benefits works with clients of all sizes and industries including non-profit organizations, manufacturing companies, accounting firms, and retail companies.  Our experience has shown that we can provide the greatest services through our comprehensive product portfolio and professional expertise.  We strive to assist each client by customizing our services to meet each company's specialized needs.  Workplace Benefits clients enjoy convenient access to a broad spectrum of flexible, cost effective products and strategically-enhanced services for insurance, risk management and employee benefits.
     Workplace Benefits partners with its clients to become an extension of your human resources operation.  Setting objectives is critical to the success of any HR operation and Workplace Benefits helps you develop organizational goals and objectives which need to be achieved through your benefit programs.  In addition, we continue to review your current plan design and recommend alternatives which will help manage costs while at the same time maintain a competitive comprehensive benefit program.